Experience the astral realm: As you review the interior samples of text and paintings, you will receive the extraordinary healing vibration that has been passionately infused into every page of the book.

If your energies are resonating in harmony, a primal knowingness will awaken and a higher consciousness emerge as you allow yourself to encounter the Light path of the astral realm…

Archangels & Gaia

In the first Vignette, A is for Archangel, pause for a moment and gaze softly into the eyes of Gaia, who remains calm and centered, observing without judgment… imagine yourself looking out from within her eyes and you will begin to feel her vulnerability as a living organism receiving a Divine healing. Faces of Spirit, hidden in the background will gradually become visible and your own Spirit will be lifted…

Karma Of The Kumeyaan Indian

In the second Vignette, K is for Karma, slowly reflect on the incredible beauty revealed in the nature landscape, even though the land and plant life are dry and parched in this California valley.  Imagine the enormity of relief and gratitude of the Kumeyaan Indian, as the first droplets of rain begin to filter down upon him… he intuitively senses the benevolent feelings of his father’s Spirit in the sky above, gazing down at his son in this scene of wonder…

Spirit Whale Satori

In the third Vignette, S is for Spirit, note the blessed kindredship of all cetacean beings as the whale is making his life transition, transmuting from physical into Spirit form… he is supported as he returns back into the brilliant Light… feeling as though millions of tiny parts of himself are in the process of dispersing everywhere at once, so that he is no longer contained within his whale body… he knows now, he is pure Love… becoming One with all…


All Are One.


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  •       It is the 21st Century.

          High in the cloudless, sapphire sky, seven magnificent Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Zerachiel and Remiel, clad in sheer, gossamer gowns flowing out over their translucent bodies, are hovering in a circle over partially re-emerged Atlantis and neighboring smaller islands… ancient, volcanic ruins trickling along a rolling reef, surrounded by the vast, turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

    Beneath the Archangels, hanging suspended over the center of Atlantis with a ball at each point, is an enormous, marquis-shaped, Lemurian quartz crystal, an advanced energy source projecting multi-colored light prisms everywhere.  It is creating a spinning, energy vortex of shimmering silver hues around itself.

    Flowing down from the heavens through the center of the Archangels, is a brilliant ray of white light.  As it passes
    vertically through the energy vortex, it is being transmuted into protective, lavender light, moving down through Atlantis into the depths of the sea, where a circle of seven pink dolphins are surrounding it.  Thanking and blessing the incredible gift, several are smiling and bowing, while the youngest is actually connecting with the ray as it swirls lower and lower, deep below, then finally into the heart of Mother Earth.

    The planet is being healed.

    All are One.
  • experience the astral realm

  •       A Kumeyaan Indian Chief, dressed in his glorious, full native attire, is slowly, intensely dancing in a long-dry, withered crop field in Cuyamaca, California.  His face is turned upward and with closed eyes, he is humbly smiling into the giant face of an approaching dark cloud, as rain droplets of karma finally begin to sprinkle down upon him.

          He is receiving the precious water gift with grace, feeling the cool moisture, his arms outstretched, with thankful humility and ultimate relief.

    At the edge of the desert crop field, perched on a parched branch of a Cypress tree, is his protective animal totem, Brother Eagle, akin to the deceased Spirit of the Chief’s father, who is observing the noble scene from a heightened awareness.

    All are One.
  • experience the astral realm

  •       Spirit, in the form of a dying, humpback whale, is floating on his back, suspended on the sea foam, surface waves of the ocean.  In complete nirvana, with eyes wide open, he experiences shining, high frequency, white light enfolding his essence.  The buzzing sound of Om, the Cosmic Voice, is acting as an energy current, running throughout his entire body so that it is vibrating at a heightened level.  Experiencing sheer ecstasy and love, he gradually realizes he is no longer contained within his whale body, but is now, everywhere, slowly merging into the collective consciousness.

          In the background, palm tree profiles edge gently in the skyline above the serene, isolated island of Hauhine, a safe, Tahitian haven that is home to the largest concentration of ancient marae in all of Polynesia.  Intentionally chosen, it is a fitting sanctuary as neighbor to one of the undersea homes of the blessed whales.

    Below Hauhine, deep into the ocean depths, we glimpse a scene from one of these cetaceans’ colonies.  It reveals a portal within a conglomerate of ancient-futuristic structures, for this prehistoric, evolved civilization of multi-dimensional beings who have lived on the planet for over twenty-five million years.  Several species are gracefully approaching their kindred whale Spirit floating above, to assist him as he completes his transmutation.

    All are One.
  • experience the astral realm




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