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Love really is a universal language.

Buddhists define love as Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity (being calm, even-tempered and composed).

The practice of Unificationism views love as “that which seeks the best for others and the betterment of human life in all its dimensions.”  The main tenet holds that true love is selfless, given without thought of a return.  The source of this limitless reservoir is transcendental, beyond the self, being God-centered.

Christianity espouses a belief that God is love and that human beings have been endowed with the capacity for love since they are created in God’s image.  Love is defined as being patient, kind, truthful, unselfish, trusting, believing, hopeful and enduring.

The Hebrew description of love is an interesting one.  Love in Hebrew is “Ahava”, a word which, when broken down into Hebrew letters, actually means “I give”.  So, in essence, the belief is that love means giving… the more giving that one does, the greater the connection.

Paramahansa Yogananda, who founded Self-Realization Fellowship, describes spiritual marriage as unity on the physical, mental and spiritual planes… that ideal human love is the communion of two souls; The Feminine Force, or Feeling Force, uniting with the Masculine Force, or Reasoning Force, to become whole and in complete Oneness with God.

The underlying theme in these five examples is that love seeks to uplift the other, in a commitment of divine friendship, love and loyalty that will move both souls closer to their true nature.

A Sacred Love Vortex is a powerful connector between two beings.

A vortex is defined as: A mass of energy with a whirling or circular motion that tends to form a vacuum in the center of the circle, drawing the energies toward it.

In spiritual terms, the definition of a Sacred Vortex is:  Alignment to Source Energy, being who you truly are.

When we apply these definitions to a Sacred Love Vortex between two beings, it can be described as a swirling, reverberating, endless circle of love, moving inward and upward, drawing God into the center, as the connecting Source.

Here is how to set the groundwork in creating a Sacred Love Vortex, in 5 steps:

1) Meditate together daily – even if for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and connect with your Higher Power, giving sincere thanks for each other and for being alive

2) Gaze softly into each other’s eyes and witness the Divine in each other

3) Each take a turn asking “How can I bring joy to your life today?” and answer

4) Each commit to offering constructive support daily, on all levels

5)  Each Commit to Inspire the other daily.

Here’s what happens with the groundwork on an energetic level:

1) When meditating, both Souls flow into the same vibration, creating a symbiosis. While giving thanks, both begin eliciting a gratitude vibration back and forth.

2) When gazing into each other’s eyes, the acknowledgment of Divine love is reflected. This creates a profound awareness of the gravity of sanctity of the couples’s love.

3) By asking how one can bring joy, this immediately awakens the desire in the other to also want to bring joy — a reciprocity is created, which then reverberates

4) When each person is supportive, both become buffers, softening each other’s path and creating stress relief.

5) By inspiring one another, a reciprocal kind of bliss is created, which manifests in the form of a circular, swirling, reverberating endless vortex of love and well-being, moving higher and higher, emanating from within and outward into the Universe. Both are being continually empowered to achieve grand success, as their energies are strengthened by being intertwined.

This art of sharing and allowing is a beautiful practice, but not easy for humans because it requires having to unlearn much of our societal conditioning.  Once acquired as a way of being, like a preferred taste this sharing will grow over time, blossoming into a recognized joy of Oneness with all beings, as well as with each other.

Examples of a love vortex are shown in various Vignettes in the book, Akashic Alphabet.  The “Vibration” Master Painting illustrates a man and woman standing on the Torrey Pines’ bluffs, in La Jolla, California, embraced in a heartfelt hug, feeling the profound happiness in each fleeting moment.

The Vignette passage reads:  A series of circular vibrations are resounding from within their devoted hearts, creating rings of limitless, life force energy waves, spiraling further and further outward, radiating to all other living beings nearby, continuing out to those in neighboring towns, counties, countries, continents, worlds, stars, galaxies, ad infinitum, to all vistas of creation, showing the vast, extenuating, energetic effects of one simple act of love.

Similarly, the sacred love vortex is infinite – it knows no limits, taking the recipients to a higher and higher space of joy, love, accomplishment and grace of fulfillment.

What happens is nothing short of miraculous.  The more each person inspires the other, the higher the frequency and greater the power.  The energy continues in an ever-increasing crescendo with each person becoming inspired to achieve success that they may have only dreamed of in their private moments.

If one is not currently in a love relationship, perhaps rather than looking for The One, seek to Be The One.  First focus love on God, who showers us with gifts from life to life.  Like attracts Like and those on a similar vibration will appear for each other.

The Sacred Love Vortex is possible between two Spirits in all life forms, for we All are One.

Whether we are loving a mountain, lake, tree, flower, person, animal or bumble bee, there are infinite Valentines available — for it is in giving love, that we receive it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all…

          ~ Trenace Rose