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From the time we are born, we are unwittingly, socially conditioned to believe a delusion; that if we resist that which feels uncomfortable, that which we think we don’t want, or often, that which may be best for us but we just feel obstinate about, that we can stop the situation.

On one level, it is important for us to learn boundaries, as far as not allowing mental or physical pain to ourselves, standing up to being bullied or manipulated, etc., however, there is a difference between resisting because we simply don’t like something, it may be unfamiliar and we are afraid of it, and resisting because it is truly detrimental and causing legitimate harm.

If children were given their way with resistance to everything, we can easily see that, as adults, they would be without any boundaries as to what is acceptable behavior and they would have developed a grandiose sense of self-entitlement, which would forever haunt them in their relationships with others. This state of being causes great suffering in the world.

When a child first encounters a large tub of warm bath water, he may often resist because it is the fear of the unknown that drives the resistance. However, once the mother is speaking softly in reassuring tones and slowly lowers the baby’s body into the warm, comforting water, the child then stops the resistance and gradually allows himself to submerge and enjoy the soothing sensation.

It is the same with adult behavior. Many men and women often almost instinctively resist that which is unfamiliar or different to them. This is because they feel uncomfortable with change and are operating from a fear-based behavior. They do not trust life.

Fear-based people look at life through a lens of fear, suspicion, skepticism, all qualities of negativity which can frequently be destructive. Through this lower vibrational lens, they then pass subsequent judgement which may not be valid.

Resistance is actually a complete waste of energy because that which you resist, persists.
When you give an ample amount of space in your mind to continually dwell on thoughts of resistance, you are actually strengthening the situation by feeding it your own mental energy.

“MIND: A beautiful servant, a dangerous Master.” ~ Osho

“Every bit of resistance you put forth brings with it a sentence of time that will have to be spent undoing the density your resistance creates. ~ S. Azaria

When you truly desire a situation to be diminished, one constructive process is this:
Close your eyes and relax for a few moments, slowly counting down from 10 to 1
State the situation in your mind and visualize it clearly — feel it
Bless it with your authentic intention of love and healing
Ask that it be transmuted into what is for the highest good/harmony of all
Then release the situation from your mind entirely
Trust that All is Well

This method of transmutation actually diffuses any toxic energy that exists, rather than building and strengthening it. It also frees you from carrying the stress of the burden.

“The true sign of intelligence lies not in knowledge, but in imagination.” ~ Albert Einstein

The mind is infinitely powerful and the Universe works for the good. When these two are combined with intentional, pro stances that are positive for all, the results are unbounded.

“Happiness is a continuation of happenings that are not resisted.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Mother Theresa was once asked to join an Anti-War Rally. She replied, “No, thank you, but if you ever decide to have a Peace Rally, let me know.”

This is the essence of Non-Resistance — it is the art of Allowing. Rather than working against something that may not fit into our own personal belief systems, we attain greater results when we direct our thoughts to dwell on what is for the nourishing, loving support of all. This requires selflessness and an ability to relinquish the illusion of control.

It is important to see, hear and acknowledge all circumstances of life. It is critical that we do not spend precious moments obsessively dwelling on, condemning and judging those we consider negative, for in so doing, we amplify them.

An interesting awareness exercise to test yourself in revealing how healthy or unhealthy your thoughts are in any given moment, is the following:

The next time you find yourself either thinking or stating a strong resistance to something
and judging it, close your eyes, slow down and literally direct your attention to all areas of
your body… how does it feel? Is your blood racing? Is your stomach constricted? Are you trembling, breathing rapidly, heart pounding? Are the feelings you are experiencing blissful and comforting, or are they stressful and exhausting?

Stress is destructive and our physical cloaks are monitors of our mental thoughts and emotions — our bodies always tell us the truth, if we care to listen.

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” ~ Khalil Gibran

“Seek, and ye shall find.” ~ Matthew 7:7-8

The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” ~ Buddha

When we look at any situation through a lens of light, love and trust, by simply allowing what is and earnestly searching for some true value within it, we may be blessed to discover that this new, fresh perception then becomes our sacred reality.

With highest love to All —

Trenace Rose
January, 2018