Trenace Rose Blog

I have found that love is an extremely powerful magnet. It attracts all that one is consciously loving. This amazing concept is vitally valuable for us to be aware of, so that we can manifest the lives we dream of and enhance the beautiful lives we already have.

From the moment I awaken, I open my eyes and actively love every breath I am taking. I look out my windows and love the beauty of the rising sun, clouds, sky, trees, plants and flowers that are a part of my world — they are amazing blessings.

Entering the kitchen each morning, I look around it as if seeing if for the first time. I love the sturdy white cupboards that house the plates, bowls, crystal and cookware, the softly humming refrigerator that cools the foods, the smoothness of the ocean green counters, the incredible weekly photo in my Inner Reflections Calendar… then, the first sip of warm tea, the first bite of fresh mango or papaya, blueberry or toast — I focus on loving how delicious each one tastes and I love all of the steps each one took to come to me.

When getting ready to go, I love the cascade of warm, running water in the shower for its purification. I love each body part that serves me so faithfully each hour of every day, week, month and year of my life. I thank the toothbrush and toothpaste as my they refresh my teeth. I love the comb as it smoothes my hair and the soft clothes and shoes, as I put them on.

When getting into the car, I send it love for providing me with a comfortable seat, for being such a loyal friend to carry me wherever I wish to go. I admire the beauty of the paint, the upholstery and the sound of the music on the sound system. I love my ears for allowing me to hear the incredible sounds. I always tell the car how much I appreciate it and thank it for serving me so faithfully. I take good care of it and each time we reach the destination, I thank it for getting me there safely. It is my friend, always there for me.

Whomever I encounter during the day, I endeavor to send them peace and love, no matter the circumstances. I look for love in others and usually find it.

When I’m actively caring for my body by giving it exercise, like swimming, practicing yoga or tai chi, jogging, or working out at the gym, I love my bones, muscles and all features, including my feet, for their unwavering support and I focus on my heart, for continuing to beat.

While washing dishes, I intentionally love the spirit of the playful soap suds, the warm water, beautiful plates, dishes and glasses and thank them for gracing my home. I express love to God, for allowing me to be able to even wash a dish in this fleeting moment of life. I see the joy.

As I look deeply into a loved one’s eyes, I recognize the Divine presence there — I intentionally love all the living creatures in my life and do my best to show them often.

I consciously make an effort to do this with every single being and object in my life, because I believe there is Spirit in everyone and everything; material creations, humans, animals, plants, insects, sky, stars, planets, lands, seas and the very air we breathe — I love the spirit of the sunlight on my face, the wind ruffling my hair, the moist rain drops and soft snowflakes on my skin. I bless each one for its existence.

I love that I am connected to the supremely sacred thread of life, for every moment is an eternal Gift and opportunity. We All are One.

With infinite love and blessings of grace to all Valentines everywhere, now and forever,

Trenace Rose